Actor - Bronson, Lawless, Warrior,
Dark Knight Rises, Mad Max Fury Road

GVB and I endeavoured with our team to take on some very arduous tasks; which were not only for the most part incredibly successful, but were also in part bound to end up failing at times. ...
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Writer/ Director of the Mad Max series,
Witches of Eastwick

Greg is an inspiration to all of us. I have witnessed first hand the way he can completely transfer his mastery of one area into another where he has no experience and become a master...
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Lead Actor – The Social Network,
The Lone Ranger

Get ready to have any mediocrity scared out of you… through his amazing life experiences, Greg will motivate you to push yourself farther than you ever previously thought possible.,...

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(Aussie Rock legend )

I have known Greg for the past fifteen years and in that time we have become the best of friends, I have come to know him as man of great integrity, honesty and possessed of a great...
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Mike Covey

Managing Director

On the 12th July 2014 Henry Schein Halas contracted Greg Van Borssum to speak at our annual sales conference. The theme for the conference was "ONE" with the...
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Peter McClelland

CEO, Mates
In Construction (NSW)

On the 5th March 2015 Greg Van Borssum spoke at our 2nd annual conference. The theme for the conference was "Mental Health at Work... Do we care?" The audience....
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Michael Phillipou

State Manager

If you are looking for a motivational/inspirational speaker who has achieved extraordinary feats, I would like to personally recommend Greg Van Borssum.....
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Diane Robbins

Deputy Chairperson
Board of Lifeline Northern Beaches

We are extremely fortunate to have Greg Van Borssum involved with Lifeline Northern Beaches. Last year he was MC at a large community fund raising function....
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Sue Murray

Chief Executive
Suicide Prevention Australia

Suicide Prevention Australia is proud to partner with Greg in his role with us as Community Ambassador. He is an outstanding advocate for living a mentally healthy life and....
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Happly Feet National Mental Health Convention Speech Download Now
Happly Feet 2 Greg Van Borssum - His Inspiring Life Story Download Now
Happly Feet Greg Van Borssum - Mad Max Interview 1 Download Now
Happly Feet 2 Greg Van Borssum - Mental Health Advocacy "Why i do it." Download Now

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